Sunday, December 7, 2008

J Van Found!

Last year, I bought a house and my wife and I had our first baby. Earlier this year I celebrated my 40th birthday. A couple years ago my sister started refurbishing an old boat that was used in the 1930s to chase rum runners off the coast. I was kinda was jealous of her project and craved my own. I had maintained a Google search for a J van for a number of years and it periodically yielded results, but always in far away places that were either too costly or too logistically complicated to undertake. With the house, baby and birthday, I renewed my interest is securing one of these little vans. One weekend I randomly typed some key words on Google and I got a listing on an obscure website for a 1949 J Van. The asking price was $2500. The phone number had an area code of 250 which means British Columbia, my home province. Unbelievable! I phoned the owner, who lived on Vancouver Island (2 hour ferry ride) away from my house. We agreed that I would come over and take a look one weekend in June 2008.

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