Monday, December 8, 2008

Offering to Help Restore Duncan

My funk endured. I went of vacation -- thought about the van; I went to work -- thought about the van. I spent hours in front of the computer trolling the Internet for J van advertisements. I seriously started researching the costs and logistics of importing. Finally, about two months later, things got even nuttier. Steve H and the van are located near my wife's parent house. One weekend in August she went over there to visit them and, on her way back, I asked her swing by his house and see if it was still there. Well, it was. Why? Had the deal fallen through? I was giddy with the prospect that maybe Duncan would be mine after all. I phoned my friend Marc and asked him to phone Steve H and inquiry about it. He did, but the news wasn't good. Apparently, the deal was still a go, but the new owner wasn't in a hurry to take it on. Plus Steve H was supposed to delivery it. Thus it remained.

Marc did find the name of the new owner, however. His name was Steve D, and he lived just a couple blocks away from me! As my disappointment endured, I started asking myself what I really wanted. Did I want to own a van or did I want to restore a van? Well, both. But mostly I wanted a project like my sister had with the boat. So I got the idea of phoning Steve D, explaining who I was, and how I was available to help him restore "his" van. My wife thought it was a good idea, which surprised me. So that's what I did. Steve was nice to me on the phone but I got the impressions he was sceptical of my ability to help. Nevertheless, he said he's give me a call in the spring when he would commence working on Duncan. That made me feel pretty good, at least I would get the chance to touch one and truen some screws etc. But I nevertheless continued looking online for my own J van.

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