Monday, August 3, 2009

Boat Parts

On Friday I came home from work after a crappy day. I opened the fridge, grabbed a beer and went to get the mail from our mailbox, which is in another building on our property. Well, my spirits improved when it turned out to be a weighty package from Roly including the tie bar ends which, for reasons I cannot understand, I cannot purchase directly for North America using a credit card with impeccable credit history attached to its owner. In any event, I had stressed to Roly that importing auto parts into Canada was perilous because the government wants to protect the domestic industry. To this end, he labelled the customs declaration "boat parts"....then I opened the package and, for good measure, he enclosed a complimentary letter. I just laughed.

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Mr Magpie said...

Hi charlie, Glad you have got the first of many small packets of boat parts, Did the customs open it? anyway the first pair of track rod ends are now with you others are on their way. Its going to be a slow process but we will get there in the end. Keep watching out for the mailman. Magpie.