Friday, September 25, 2009

A J Van Seen From Space

Today was a great day, kinda. Because I've been stonewalled trying to find out information about Victoria, I emailed the guy who sold me the van (Sean). Sean was similarly stymied when he tried to get some more information from the guy who sold it to him ("Rich"). Well today Sean emailed me Rich's address. But he also sent me a satellite image (not from Google maps) from 2005 showing Rich's house. Guess what? Remember I talked earlier about the repairer who remembers seeing Victoria in the capital when he lived there in the 1970s? Well, the image clearly show the van in Rich's backyard (near Hillside, just as I was told), where, I am told, it was kept for 15 years. Great, that leaves just 41 years left in the chain of possession!

Thanks Sean. When Victoria was made mankind was still 7 years away from putting anything in orbit.

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