Sunday, May 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Victoria

Today is Victoria's offcial 60th birthday. I take the date of the glass to use as a barometer. Also, because this weekend is a national holiday in Canada (Victoria Day) and my van is named "Victoria" in honor of the city where I found her, I think it's appropriate. When I got the van I was so excited about getting her that doing the blog was kinda a nuisance. Roly spurred me to do it, and I am glad he did. When you get down, it's good to go back and read about what you did months back, see the photos, and re call what you were thinking then. Victoria's 61st birthday will be a grand affair. Today I put a candle in a piece of cheesecake and Eryn did the honors of blowing it out.

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Bugly said...

Hi Charlie, and Happy Birthday to Victoria! You're right about the blog, it is a very interesting read to go back and recall what you have done over time.

Please realise too that while our blogs do not receive a lot of comments back, there are quite a few of us out here that regularly follow the posts!

Cheers, and once again Happy Birthday from a younger distant cousin! - Bugly