Saturday, July 10, 2010

Gramps and Drawing

My grampa (that how I said it) passed away on June 13 (that's a picture of him above). He had been ill for some time. However, when he passed, it was really quick. He was a great supporter of this project. He would frequently ask me how it was going, and he even came out to the barn to see it once last year. I'm sorry he won't get to see it finished. I have not accomplished much in the past month consequently. What I have done is try and find a shop to do my body work and I have a few good prospects. What I have spent a lot of time doing is going over the Steve's house and measuring the rear cargo floor of Duncan. I have it done. The way I plan to redo it will make the end result appear to be authentic, but it will be slightly different. The original floor panels are interlocking in the horizontal direction to make the floor more structural. I plan on braking the panels downwards and then welding them together on the resulting flange. The removable centre panel will not be removable, but I will construct it in a fashion that makes it look like it is. A few days ago I revisited Austin Sheet Metal and they are going to make me a set of risers for $350, plus taxes, which seems very reasonable to me. I think I'll ask them to fab the floor as well.

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Bugly said...

Hi Charlie -

So sorry to hear of Gramps' passing, however you can rest assured that he will most likely be keeping an eye on the rest of the project! Whenever you strike a problem from here on in, you can always say "I wonder what Gramps would have recommended?" and the answer will come to you in some shape or form!

Cheers - Bugly