Monday, February 21, 2011

Understanding Colour

A couple years I ago I removed Victoria's left front wing and on the underside of the arch I found green paint. I also found paint on the rear of the one of the doors. Whoa, I though. This was was originally green. But the efforts of Aaron and The Dude have caused me to reconsider. When they sand the paint down to remove it before welding in replacement metal, they leave this raindow of colour. But none of it is green. In some places the colour closest to the metal is gray, and other times it's reddish or lite green. I know from Roly's posts and elsewhere it was originall one of four colours -- blue, black, green or red, but I see none of this in my van. Like the van's original owners and use, a complete and frusttrating mystery.

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Tim said...

Where I've rubbed through my paint I find a light grey primer then black over that.

Mine is a light cream colour throughout the interior sides and roof with a greenish blue (maybe Robin's egg?)around the step wells and rear wheel arches, all of that has black over it though. There are a couple of other bits painted blueish but I suspect they are from another vehicle.

What if the green door and wing were off another van (a green one) and your car was sent out in a black or dark grey colour?

Some manufacturers of commercial vehicles sold them painted in grey primer, ready for the livery and signwriting of the customer. Maybe Morris Commercial Cars did too. Alternatively, perhaps export market vehicles were finished differently from domestic market ones?