Thursday, February 17, 2011

Taking Shape

Work continued on Victoria while I was in Mexico. The arches above the side door were replaced without using the parts supplied by Fairmile. Those ones were straight, and the arch above the door is slightly curved. So new parts were made. Also done was the edge above the front windows. Long-time readers will remember that this section was rusted out so that if you poked the metal with a screwdriver, it would break away and create a hole. I think this area of the van gives it a lot of its character, and I was nervous about it being done. I had always planned to try and hang around when is was going to be done to make sure that it was completed to my taste, but when I got back if was all done, and perfectly at that. Aaron and The Dude also removed a lot of lead from an early collision repair in the left rear corner (see photo below). They plan on cutting out each corner (left and right) and redoing them. The side windows will be closed in next week, and then I guess it’s time to close the hole in the roof and do the floor. I’m really looking forward to that.

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