Saturday, May 28, 2011

Restarting, ABFM and Other Vans

I have been distracted the last few weeks writing school exams and doing other things. Most importantly, my hockey team has advanced to the finals of the Stanley Cup playoffs against Boston. This is the team's 40th anniversary year and third time at the finals. They have never won it. That all said, last weekend was the All British Field Meet ("ABFM") at a local gardens and I went. There were probably about 300 cars there. Most I saw last year. One I didn't see last year was the Bedford army truck. How the hell did that get here? Next week work will restart of Victoria. Above is a photo of what the van looked like this morning. Everything that isn't black or that's shiny is new. That's all lot of work. When things resume, the priorities will be: 1) roof, 2) fitting the floor, 3) rear doors, 4) fenders and 5) side doors. Finally, above are some photos of some obscure vans that I like too. The first is a 1950 Martin Stantionette (USA). The second is a 1947 Deliverette by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (Australia).


Bugly said...

Hi Charlie -

Victoria has certainly come a loooong way since you first found it! Looking a million dollars (please excuse the expression!

john said...

Victoria is looking good
That picture of the Australian Van is taken outside the Melbourne Exibition Buildings
The Buildings are big and grand and were built to house trade shows. The building then housed the First Australian Parliament untill Canberra was created
Your picture probably is the Van going to a trade Exhibition
The buildings are still used for exhibitions
The Commonwealth Aircraft Factory is in Melbourne also and they now make parts for Boeing aircraft