Monday, July 11, 2011

Steering Wheel in Coombs

Above is a photo of the steering wheel I made for the Morris Minor wreck in Coombs. It's made from plywood. I put it in place and had to standby it for two hours waiting for the JB Weld to cure (because kids were buzzing around Sunday afternoon), while listening to some guy named Shane play a didgeridoo. In the end, I taped it off with "wet paint" and went back to the hooker motel my wife booked for our family for the weekend. Well, some kid cranked on the wheel anyway when I left. The upshot is that the wheel is fastened to the column but it's a little looser than I wanted. That said, I upheld my part of the bargain and, as a result, I was able to take the "MOWOG" pedal thingy I had spotted months earlier. With it, I can order those "M" pedal rubbers and it'll look great. Earlier I also managed to order a pair of those chrome pieces from Gordon via Harvey. I just need the center part I have to be repaired and I'm done in that area.

1 comment:

Bugly said...

Great find Charlie! Victoria will really look the part with the right pedal!

Half way round the world and you find one not too far away ... amazing!