Monday, October 17, 2011

Doors and Engine

Nothing has been happening on the van in the past several months, and that part of the bargain I reached with Aaron when I brought him it. He’s been working on other projects, and it’s fun seeing those progress, but yeah, it’s not J Van gratification. This week has marked the 3rd anniversay of the effort, and the knot in my stomach hasn't left since I started.

Last Friday I took a vacation day from work and went to assist with fitting the engine. It’s something I’ve been loathing. Well first I went through traffic hell getting there, and then worse getting home. In the interval I ate some awesome chilli and watched Aaron talk on his cell phone (not the whole time). We didn’t make a lot of progress, but we did discover that the left side of the engine cowl is needed to determine engine location, so I went over to Steve’s and wrench that off Duncan tonight. The Melbourne connect also gave me some helpful information. Earlier, Aaron had pried open the doors sent to me by Iain McKenzie in order to remove the 2 foot pieces of wood he had inserted in each door to keep them structural. How structural? See the horizontal photo above. Aaron has to bend the skins back over the inner panel to and the metal flange, and I’m concerned that it’s going to be a mess.

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