Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Behold J2

For my non-local readers (that's everyone) there's an area of British Columbia ("BC") that's a few hours into the interior. Pretty easy drive, normally. In any event, it's an actual desert (except for the big lake). They grow wine there and other things. Well, ensconed there as well is a J2 van. I haven't seen it myself, but Aaron has. What I have seen though in a perfectly preserved J2 Service Parts Manual. I found it a couple weeks ago at Coast Imports (auto wrecker). I was looking around for bench seats (remedied in earlier post), and I found it tucked away in a corner of other books. I am fairly certain that J2 vans were at least as unsuccessful a J-types in BC, and either item was improbable and yet both were found.


Tim said...

What do you reckon Charlie, time to start another project?

Anonymous said...

Hi, we would be interested to buy this J2 van, my father had one in the 1960's in Guyana and we want to get on and restore it for his 80th birthday. would you be able to give us a contact for this person, or location.
please email me rayray.0715@gmail.com

your assistance will be highly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Really neat to see this old van again. My Dad owned Phil's grocery in Penticton and that was the delivery vehicle. It was sold in the 1980's to a fellow in Cawston. Always wondered what happened to it. Neat!