Thursday, October 4, 2012

"The Doors" with J. Morris-on

I have written several times that my pocket doors are thrashed, but I have never posted a photo. Well, here’s two of them. I’m in the midst of seeing if I can get a pair made. You won’t have the same embossing, but I might get something that looks okay. I received a new pair of grille chrome pieces from Harvey in the mail. They were delivered to the nearby 7-11 (which is a J van first). Just missing the centre piece now. Finally, I found a photos I took a number of years ago of a bunch of double-decker buses in Parksville BC, near where I discovered Duncan four years ago. They were used as part of the public transit system in the provincial capital, Victoria, when I was a kid. Sadly, they were bought by some moron with too much money, and not much sense. When he died, they were all destroyed.

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