Thursday, January 31, 2013

Rear Doors Milestone

In the past month the roof was put back on (temporarily), and the rear doors were mounted. The latter took a whole day. It required a whole lot of fooling around (and it’s still not done). Overall, the result is pretty satisfying.

 You cannot see it here, but the door latch mechanism is not original. It’s something I found for step van. It looks sufficient for the purpose though. In fact, looking at the rear doors, there’s nothing that’s original. The door handle, door skins, quarters, above the door – all this is new metal. Of the hinges, only the doors ones of the left side (Thanks Roly) are original. The rest were cast from originals (thanks Kelly) and machine for the bushing.
Next the front doors will be put in place. This promises to be a giant pain in the ass. The original tracks for the doors were thrown out by accident, and replacements have to be fabricated without the benefit of any sample. It’s also a high-tolerance part; a couple millimeters one way or another and the doors won’t fit into the pockets. Oh well, I'll see if it works out.


Gary Cross said...

maybe you need that guy from Havnana who can fit Ford doors on a Chevrolet and make it look easy :-)

Anonymous said...

Give me his name. I'll take a shot.

kjashton said...

I have a front door 'shut' section, unmolested and not as rusty as some. I can send it over as long as I get it back (it's from the 2nd rustiest van) Any good tinbasher should be able to replicate it. toughest part of the three-piece, spot welded component is the outer shape, the two other pieces are simple, single-plane constructions, of which I have made some. They were easy, but I elected to salvage the outside part of the door shut. Alternatively, I can give you a very rusty version from Laurie's 350 Chev van (Laurie and Daz made their own out of 50 X 25 RHS blue tube, and they had all sorts of problems, but that's another story.
I will photograph both of the door shut and email them this weekend, Your man should be able to work of the very rusty on, the main shape is still there. The rust one doesn't have to be sent back if you think you can use it as a sample.