Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore

Well I can't explain why it's not enough

Cause I gave it all to you
It's time to surrender
It's been too long pretending
There's no use in trying
When the pieces don't fit anymore
The pieces don't fit anymore

The pieces don't fit anymore

Does anyone know this song? It by a fellow from Warwickshire named James (wait for it) Morrison!

Okay, I went out the van to get some photos this weekend. In the first you can see what I meant from last week’s post. The second has some details.

Last week Australian J van hoarder – Mike -- shared the dimensions of his three vans from wheel arch to wheel arch. Mike’s measures (in inches plus sixteenths) are the lateral distance from side-to-side from the three points highlighted in orange. They’re in the second photo above. Mike figures that J29040 is most accurate (highlighted in yellow), but whichever you use, it seems Victoria is a little outta whack. The bottoms, for instance is 1.6 inches wrong? The green van next to Victoria in the same photo is Steve’s van, Duncan.

If anyone reading this with a J Van nearby could confirm these measures (hard to do if your van isn't disassembled), I would be grateful. The mid-point measure is taken 11.5 inches up arch, from the bottom.

Also, you can view the above photos in detail by right-clicking and opening in a new window.


kjashton said...

Charlie, just looking at the pics, it seems to be that the front wheel arches have been done wrong. They actually start out fat at the top front, and get slimmer as they make it down to meet with the lower part of the sill. As far as I can make out, your arches don't appear to taper down as they go. Also, if you were to run a straight edge across the top of the arches, and run it down the radius of the arch, the top face of the arch drops inwards towards the centreline of the van; in other words, if you places a steel rule flush on the top face, it would not point to the other arch on the other side of the car, rather it would be pointing somewhere closer to the floor. The arches in made in three pieces, a plain flat section curved to the correct radius of the arch, which is spot welded to the door shut section, which is a simple, uneven 'U' channel, which is in turn spot welded to the outer (tricky) wheel arch section. This uneven U channel has a constant dimension for the length of the radius where the front of the door fits into it, and in turn, the door shut section in in the same plane as the rest of the wheel arch in front of the door. You should be able to run a straight edge from the front lower part of the body where the wheel arch starts, all the way to the lower part of the rear of the door shut section. As is the shape of the stepped part of the front guard, the whole shebang should be in the one plane. Have look at some of my photos in the group page; you'll notice I bravely attempted to make the flat section of the arch, plus the door shut U channel section, but elected to save the rust outer wheel arch section because it looked too difficult to make. Even if the reason for the lack of proper fit is as I suspect, it shouldn't be too bad to re-fiddle it to shape.
Your seat has been in transit for one month and one week now. shouldn't be too much longer. I'd go for those door covers on eBay, too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your response Kelly. My metal guy installed the parts that were provided from the fellow in England. After starring at this for sometime now, and viewing the van Steve has, I too feel that the direction of the pieces is not quite right and agree that it needs some Fiddling. And by "fiddling" I mean cutting and hammering. No big deal I just bought a bigger hammer!!! lol