Sunday, July 14, 2013

Buckingham Palace J Van

Roly’s van is currently on display at Buckingham Palace and I’m really excited for him. You can see the details at his website, but I posted a couple here for my local peeps. Tempted to start a rumour that the Duchess of Cambridge will be transported in the mate's seat when she finally delivers. Anyone notice that Roly's changed the interior colour from cream to white?
I got the call that my engine was completed this week. I’ll have to go and get it, and the seat that Kelly sent me is all repaired and ready to be painted and sent to the upholsterers (I’ll post photos later).
I’m lobbying a local craft brewing upstart to name a product after J vans. Ideally it would be mundane brew, meticulously crafted with premium labour, leaving a bitter aftertaste, maybe an English bitter!

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