Friday, September 20, 2013

Seat, Freshy, Sister and Hospitality

Things have been quiet on the van front over the summer. I have the seat at the upholsterer’s. It’ll look like Kim’s seat when it’s done except with faux black leather instead. The seat stand/toolbox is painted (but it needs to be repainted) and I’m just sorting out where it goes on the wood floor.

My sister Christine went to the UK on holidays and there met up with Roly, his wife Caroline and there three little dogs (see Lulu above -- incidentally, Christine and I grew up on the Vancouver areas island of Lulu Island). Unlike me, she can now claim to have seen in person an actual, operating J Van.

Aaron and his wife had a baby girl in early September (their first), and she’s got dad’s looks it seems.

Tim Sparks and his wife Denise joined me for a day after their cruise to Alaska. I took a vacation day and drove them for about 5 hours all over the city, and managed to hit Aaron’s shop to see Victoria and Steve D’s house to see Duncan and his other assorted projects. All and all, not a bad payback for 4 years of encouragement and help!


john said...

You are becoming a Tourist Attraction Mate
Well done
You had better get on a plane, and get the reverse hospitality
Well done

Anonymous said...

Yes, right after Stanley Park and Van Dusen Gardens there's the stop at Aaron's shop. We should sell t-shorts.

Anonymous said...

...or t-shirts

kjashton said...

Charlie, you do know the seat back bolts onto the front side of the backrest arms.
Also, I can't say LHD is anything like RHD steering column support struts, but when loosely assembling the RHD, sometimes it looks like it's supposed to go a certain way, but swapping struts over and inverting them can make them magically fit. I think they are meant to swoop downwards from the screen, but first assembly, they look like they should be swooping up. Don't forget the column can pivot fore and aft on the mounting plate to the chassis, and the brass clamps can slide up and down the column to a certain extent.