Friday, October 4, 2013

Holy Moke!

Earlier this week I stopped off at the upholsterer's to see if he was still in business (and he was). There I witnessed my new seat looking really sharp. Just the back part needs to be concluded and then I can scratch that off the list. It's just like Kim's except it'll be all black.

While I was there I witnessed a Moke which, if you consult my post from June 29, 2012, I had no idea about until that day. Well there was one in the upholsterer's which I was told belonged to a fellow from Taiwan. Only one in Canada I imagine. It's a cool little vehicle, but really impractical for places where it's cold and it rains all the time.

Finally, seen above is my catch can. So when pressure bursts into the crankcase, the PCV outlet used to feed everything back into the carb. But I of course cot rid of the original carb because it had all that plumbing, and the new one doesn't have a similar input. So now I need a place for the gasses and oily sputum to go. Voila. It's a handsome unit and it cost just $20 on

Aaron is getting horny for paint. Maybe Halloween will have a special treat.

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Tim said...

Good looking Moke Charlie, you'll be wanting one soon. All the best J type owners have a Moke too.

Its a bit modified but it looks like an Australian one from between 1969 and 1976.