Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Metal Mea Culpa

Long-time readers will remember that early into the project we had a problem with the door tracks. One day they ran away. Oh well, I say now, but at the time I was freaking out because they're impossible to faithfully recreate at a reasonable cost. Plus they're an important thing to use as a reference point. But if you see above its all remedied now. Aaron has beavered away for the last two days and made everything right. It's a piece of round bar that, when dressed up, will look very close to the original look.
If you see above you'll notice that the tracks aren't perfectly in the middle of the arch channel, but they are where they need to be to ensure the door closes correctly. It looks good to me. With this fixed and the door doors fitted, we can move ahead with painting and assembly. The metal strip that runs down the center of the grille was taken to the chromers on Tuesday to be stripped. I think it's made of brass, but Aaron thinks it's steel. Anyone know? Once I get it back we'll hammer out the dents and reshape the bottom 5 inches. One thing I noticed is that my metal strip only has one bolt/rivet -- at the bottom. Other I see online have another one at the top. Anyone have a onesy one? If someone could send me a close up of the parts at the bottom half that would be helpful for recreating the gradual reduction of the crease in the center.

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