Saturday, January 18, 2014

Floor Matters

I want to drive my kids around in the van when its complete, so I needed some seats. What I did is I bought some Land Rover Series type bench seats. I bought them online December 12 and they showed up at my house 4 days later from the UK. Amazing. In the following couple weeks I bought some wood and made risers for the seats. They are actually two of them, and they will be placed on either side of the van near the rear inner wing. They'll be mounted to a plywood floor that will me mounted to the steel floor. I used bed liner for the durable textured finish, and I used this for the front floor section as well. I am very happy with how each part looks. Other than this, nothing has really advanced on the project since Halloween.

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john said...

You have your Landrover seats now. We used seats from a Toyota Hi Ace
One 2 seat and a One seat. they face forward are the right height and look really good. Side facing seats are not the best in a crash, but you just CAN'T rash your Van