Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Floor and Benches Installed

I know many have been waiting -- like 3 years, for this -- but here's the floor.
The end result is something that pretty faithfully recreates what the van would have had originally. The flashing pieces are correct (although I added extra screws).
The battery cover is a little smaller than original, and the floor is missing the centre “pop-out” piece, which I just didn’t like. The fore-and-aft seams are right angled (they bend down), and that's not how it was done originally. Originally, they interlocked, and this added a lot of strength to the floor. But it would have been do difficult to faithfully reproduce this. Besides, I don't think I'll have much cargo in the cargo area in the future. Finally, there was a piece of flashing that mounted to the rear inner wings and sandwiched the floor. It just didn't add anything so I didn't use it (though I had it made and all painted). Anyone want to buy it?
The benches are for my kids and their friends. Those are Land Rover seats. The floor has a 1/2 inch sheet of plywood overtop of it (to protect the floor and add additional strength). It sits on top of and is glued to a 1/2 closed cell rubber sheet (which adds a sound barrier.)

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Tim said...

Looking good Charlie. The extra layer of plywood and sound proofing is a good idea. My overriding memory of my only ever ride in a 'J' was the deafening noise, much of it coming through the rear floor.