Saturday, September 20, 2014

Road Trip Leaves Van Exhausted

The original header was going to be "Victoria can pass gas out her rear!"

The shop is busy, so the van went do have its exhaust done at a shop where they have all the tools to do it properly. It’s never been on a sleepover, so I was a bit worried. The area of the city it went to is frequently (and sometimes unfairly) maligned for the social milieu of some of its residents. This week a 17 year old girl was randomly murdered nearby.

But all turned out well for the van. I believe that the exhaust pipe on vans is supposed to end abruptly after the muffler and square out around midships. However, because I plan on carrying children around at slow speeds (also, not carrying a spare tire), and I don’t want to gas them out, so I ran it out the back. Finally, Aaron was full of parenting responsibilities this weekend, but he broke away because there was a weather window that could get the van back to the shop safely. Consequently, Paigey-poo joined the effort. No word on her charge-out rate yet.


Anonymous said...

They arrested a guy in connection with the murder.

Anonymous said...

They made an arrest in the murder, not that it matters.