Friday, October 17, 2014

Shafted Again!

Several years ago when I picked up my Nissan A-series engine I had the good inspiration to ask for the shaft, because I needed to graft the front end of it on to the rear end of the J-van one. Well actually, the front end of it was meant for a Toyota engine, but the rear was authentic. I always knew that I would have to have a new shaft made, and that day arrived a couple weeks back when I took it to Pat’s Drivline (Pat is the owners wife) in beautiful Port Kels, British Columbia, only about 20 minutes and one hefty bridge toll away from my house. I picked it up last Saturday and it’s awesome. As it happened, I had just finished making and bottling my home brew, so I left a couple with Brian (that's him in the photo). One more thing crossed of the list. In other progress I was able to assist another J Van owner with some parts. Finally, my mom bought a new house and the garage is sufficiently high enough to accommodate a van! Yeah.

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