Sunday, January 18, 2015

Finally Paint, Right?

No, not quite.
After all that meticulous sanding ( next comes another coat of high-build (the “reapplication”). In fact, that's what all the masking in about. Also above you can see de-greaser being applied.
“But didn’t you just sand the previous high-build all off?”
Yes, and don’t get me started! Also, someone drank the beer I left in the shop!
After the high-build reapplication, the whole things gets cut with 325 grit, and finished in 550 wet-sanding. Then we’re ready for paint. What’s the final colour? That was decided months ago, but there’s some final moment reconsideration happening. Originally I was thinking burgundy on tan with black fenders. Now I’m thinking about reversing the burgundy and tan. Or, maybe swapping out the burgundy for dark blue (like in the model photo above).
I was supposed to be in London in March for a school graduation ceremony, but budgets being what they are, I’ve decided that I simply cannot do it. I really wanted to see a real, “alive” J-Type. Now do I wait and go next year and see one, or do I make one sometime before that. Time will tell.

In the next post I'll show some photos of a perfectly straight van in a uniform colour.

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