Monday, February 2, 2015

Decision Time (Soon)

When I started this project I was really keen on paint colours. But now, I'm a little ambivalent -- just get it done already. Above are some options that mainly stick to a burgundy and tan (not crème as illustrated above) combination -- those are original colours on the van. At work I put up a couple illustrations and ask coworkers for their preferences. Here I'm doing the same sort of thing. Comments are welcomed.

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Peter Bateman said...

Hello Charlie - The colours of the blue/gold are fab but already on a van somewhere. Have you tried it with the nose cone and swage in gold with the van body in blue? Or vice versa?
We had eight J vans at the Australia Day CARnivale in Sydney last Tuesday. On Harvey's blog as you may have noted.
Victoria is a delight. Congratulations. I will have to pop over to visit one day - or you are welcome down here!
Mr Cholmondeley's Minder