Saturday, February 20, 2016

Pane In The Rear (Glass)

I need to figure out how the rear glass is added, and specifically, the required profile of the rubber. The nearest completed J-Van is a ways away, so I’ll have to reply of Internet dispatches. The glass seen in the photo above is made from an original piece that I was sent from the UK. I need to know whether the glass is added from the front or back (I think back is logical) and the rubber profile.

Also, above is another photo from a catalog of two-part locking rubber, which I was thinking would be good to use in the circumstances. Problem is, I don’t think it was ever originally used for these vans. Also these profiles won’t work because I need a 0.5” offset (the ones above are just over 1/8"). So the profile would be an S-shape in my opinion with one 1/8” channel for the metal and another 1/4” channel for the window.

Anyone have idea on this?


Tim said...

Hi Charlie, it should be an S shape. The glass sits outside of the hole in the panel and can actually be larger than the hole. I'm told that a suitable profile is available from an Australian company, Scott's Old Auto Rubber, but unfortunately I don't know which of their profiles is correct, here's a link that shows the kind of thing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks sir.