Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Man With the Van Hassle"

Updates have been absent because color sanding isn’t compelling material for blogging. Let’s just say it’s being done real nicely. Meanwhile, I keep passing this cool little van on the streets of Vancouver, usually at a filming location. I can never get my phone out to take a snap of it (besides that would be illegal), but last weekend I went to the local soccer venue with my daughters (see above) for their first time, and as we pulled in the parking lot, there it was! There was a guy in a nearby car guarding it. He explained that it was for the TV series “Man in the High Castle” which is an “alternative history” where Japan and German prevail in WW2, and colonize the United States (Canada remains unchanged, naturally). I took the photos above but I couldn’t figure out what it was. In other places my friend Marc (yea, the guy with the truck that went and got the van with me in 2008) bought a new car (see above). It’s just 1800 pounds and has an LS3 engine, giving it the same performance metrics as a Bugatti. I’m scared to drive in it. There's also some guy on the Interenet selling "Happiness is buying a Morris J Type" in shich case drugs are becoming a necessity in my life.

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