Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anxiety Parade 2

Okay, so this is the way the left rear wing looks now.  It's stuffed. It's radius is a little bigger than the wheel arch? Worse, it hangs past the body line by about 1 inch.
Here's how the fender looked originally. We knew for years that it didn't/wasn't going to fit. The original fender that was on the vehicle was banged up (see rumpled one below) and a replacement section was made (but never applied), and then a replacement fender was started, but abandoned. Eventually I got another from a donor in Australia (and that's the one that's on the van now)

My anxiety is that this looks stupid and I'll never enjoy the van because I'm looking at the stupid stuffed fender. Tonight I was researching people who might be able to help. The local university has a math department that might be able to find a way of optimally reshaping the fender to make it fit but preserve its original appearance.

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