Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Sum of All Beers

Of course the title is an adaptation of Tom Clancy's "Sum of All Fears" an espionage thriller tracking a plot to start World War III. "Beers" is obviously more appropriate here.

Last weekend was the van's 67 birthday. It was also the weekend of the All British Field Meet auto show, which I had hoped to attend. Alas, the van wasn't ready. 

In the past months my angst has reached new levels. What if after all this effort, after the opportunity costs and simple regular costs, it doesn't meet vision perfected nearly a decade ago? Everyone I know knows about the project. If I fail to delivery a outcome that's reflective of the effort what will they think of me? That's the lonely thought going through my head. Driving -- thinking about it -- is the worst. Apparently I make hand gesture when I think, or at least I am told that.

As it stands, the doors are going on, and the front glass is being fitted. The front leading edge of the side doors' rubber was a bitch to get on. I of course gave up before someone more persistent took over and succeeded. The front fenders were hit with clear, and they'll be sanded soon, bringing them back to where they were in March 2016 (before it was decided that they they needed to be refinished). 

There's another show in August, and I'll take the van there. I don't care about the shows myself, but I would like my dad to get the benefit of the experience, because I think it's the sort of thing he might have enjoyed doing in different circumstances.

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