Sunday, December 21, 2008

Getting Down to Work

November 1 was the first day of work on Victoria. I began by removing all the crap that she had been storing for God knows how long. There were a couple bumpers, a whole bunch of cables for the engine and other things like a chunk of a tree. That done, I began stripping out all the mahogany paneling.

The paneling was put in really when and, in its day, I'm sure it looked good. But as it was, it had gotten wet and cracked. Besides, original J vans don't have mahogany paneling. The paneling was screwed into wood on either side of the vertical stanchions and riveted into the top cross members. Lots of rivets. Then behind this there was fiberglass insulation. When I started pulling this down a lot of it started swirling in the air and I didn't have a mask. I got one of the following weekend. A type of tar was spread on the roof to hold the insulation in place. In any event, its tough stuff. Removing the paneling took about 4 days, and I wound up with 15 garbage bags full on insulation and chunks of wood.

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