Sunday, December 14, 2008

Taking Her Home

Going to get Victoria the van was a pretty big hassle. First I had to get over to Victoria the city by ferry (2 hour trip), then I had to get a trailer and go to the storage place, load her up and then return by ferry the same day. Then, once I had her loaded and back on the mainland, I had to drive against rush hour traffic about 60 KM inland to Harry's barn. It would take the whole day and cost a pretty big sum of cash. Oh, and I didn't have a vehicle that could pull the trailer. Enter my friend Marc. Marc agreed to help me.

On the way to Victoria I really wasn't sure what I was getting into. On the ferry I told Marc, "If its really bad, I might ask you to help me push it off the back of the ferry and into the sea."

When we finally cam to the van, I was disappointed in its shape. It was worse than I feared. When we had trouble moving it I thought about leaving it and writing off my $500. But Marc's enthusiasm never waned. Thanks to the help of "Corey" from the storage place, we ultimately got her loaded on the trailer.

It was hard work so, right after leaving the storage yard, we headed for a gas station to get a soft drink. Marc stayed in the truck, and I ran inside. Everyone inside was gaga over the van. They wanted to know what it was. "Was it a milk truck?" I've come to learn that saying "milk truck" is easier than explaining what it really was used for. On the highway I turned to Marc and said, "Do you realize that this is the fastest this 'thing' has travelled in 30 years?" He smiled and then looked in the rear view mirror to make sure it was still there. It was.

When we hit the ferry terminal, "Victoria" was selected by ferry employees for a "hazardous materials" inspection. Translation: curiosity. On the ferry Marc saddled up to the cafeteria while I stayed below to pick moss off the body. Some big clump of metal had fallen off the van and onto the trailer. Is there any chance this is a piece that isn't needed?

Back on the mainland we headed out to the Valley and Harry's barn. I was hoping to get there before the sun went down, but we weren't going to make it. I phoned Harry to tell him that we were on our way. When we arrived, Harry met Marc and I, plus he brought his friends to help. We unloaded the van and pushed her into the barn. Driving away that night I wasn't sure that I was ready for what was about to come, but at least I knew that the van was safely out of the rain. The date was October 27.

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