Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hippocratic Oath

First, do no harm.

This weekend I accomplished a few small things that don't really amount to much. Ah, but sometimes you can measure success in what you didn't do. For instance, this weekend I didn't completely destroy the whole van. By that measure, this weekend was a success.

You see, last week I removed the floor and unbeknownst to me, this actually created a little structural support for the rear fenders. The rear fenders partly carry the weight of the body -- or, more truthfully for my van, because the rear crossmember is so rotten, they carry the whole weight of the van body. Thus when I removed the floor, the right one started to fail (it drooped by about 6CM). So I propped it up with a piece of wood and instantly put reinforcing the whole body on next weekend's agenda.

Thus while I didn't accomplish much this weekend, I didn't have the whole body slide off the frame and collapse to the floor in a heap.

It also raised a concern that had not previously occurred to me -- namely, by pursuing the restoration of Victoria is such a public way (through this blog), it's hard to walk away after failure. Oh well.

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