Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Depths of Winter

Right now, is about the coldest it gets in Vancouver each year. Around freezing. Of course, this year is unusual because we've had record snowfall already. I'm looking forward to the weather improving. It'll be great to work in warmer conditions and, better yet, on assembly!

This weekend I removed Victoria's six side windows -- the non-original ones. That done, I reinforced the whole body. When I take the van to be media blasted, they'll remove the body from the frame long enough to hit a few spots that otherwise could not be reached. Better have it sturdy for when that happens.

Originally I wanted to keep the windows in just until the blasting was done. But I reconsidered in the last few days. There's only four small screws holding all that wood reinforcement to the body, and the design was meant to not interfere with the blasting.

I need to build a jig to hold the frame and body, maybe I'll do that next month. Wood is cheap. Yesterday I bought 10 2x4x8 for less that $20. They barely squeezed into my Honda Civic for the the 55 minute drive to Harry's barn.

Last weekend I removed all the bolts holding the roof panel on. It needs to come off so that I can dispose of the rust and, also, there's the air vents in the top-middle section that need to be removed. It's easier to do that sort of thing a ground level.

Similarly, I was hoping to remove all the pop rivets that were placed in the panel to support the mahogany paneling. Well, guess what? The rivets seem to go through both the roof panel and the surrounding metal. Does everyone know what I'm referring to? The upshot is that I think I have to spend a few days with my hands over my head drilling out rivets.

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