Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fearing the Unknown

The hardest thing about restoration in my opinion is the unknown. I suppose that's why I moved so quickly to tear Victoria apart. I wanted to know what I had. For me the unknown is a function of two things; 1) knowledge that another J van being nearby is unlikely and 2) a limited budget. That's also why this weekend was so demoralizing. The roof was cleaned up nicely, as I had hoped it would be. But on Saturday I used my screw driver to explore with small hole in the body just above the front windshield (where the inner and outer pieces of metal join together ). I had pretty much figured out that I knew the whole extend of Victoria's metalwork needs. When I wiggled the screwdriver around the hole, it starting getting bigger and bigger and extending. Before long, it was pretty much the length of the entire windshield. Both sides. On its own, this wouldn't have bothered me. But on Friday I learned of a more complete van in a field in Saskatchewan, about 3,000 KM away. In short, I spent the whole day kinda assessing my situation and wondering if Victoria was a worthwhile cause. No engine or gear box, no instrument cluster, no original seat, no pocket door covers; all the engine structural elements missing, no engine cowl -- it's a bit of a mammoth undertaking and there's no local experts.


Bugly said...

So go get the van from Saskatchewan! Then you'll have lots of J-van bits and pieces!

Whats the worst that will happen? Probably mothballing Victoria and working on 'Sassie' for a while. Then as time and more parts allow, Victoria can still continue!

Cheers - Bugly

magpie said...

Hi Charlie, we have all had "what have I started" kinda feeling, on our first restorations and it will happen on others , trust me. Dont give up, there are a few people world wide is true but I'm sure we will all help in our own way. I have already collected various parts for you and should have a steering wheel for you in a week or two. roly