Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dropping the Final Bits

This was the weekend I (well, mostly my dad) removed the steering, plus front and most of the rear axles and suspension. My dad is a retired aircraft mechanic, and you can tell watching him work. I watched him work before on vehicles (like my whole childhood -- usually in the cold rain at night, while holding a flashlight), but this past weekend I could really appreciate his nondestructive approach to disassembly. The removal of these items are the last major pieces before Victoria goes away to be media blasted. The rear bushings are really rusted and won't budge, though. Hmm. We'll tackle that next weekend. I also set up my new sandblasting cabinet. Made in China, the "English" assembly instruction were hilarious. I'll try and post some samples later. I think it I put it together correctly.

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