Monday, March 23, 2009

Sandblasting Cabinet Ready

Here's the cabinet that I assembled last weekend. I took the day off and bought some glass and some sand. The glass is #4 (medium) and the sand is -- well -- sand. Apparently the sand cuts better than the glass, but it wears everything out. So I started with a ratio of about 1.25:1 glass to sand. I can adjust as circumstances require. I'm looking forward to being done with the chassis for the moment and beginning on bringing grungy little parts bagck to their original form and function.

To that end, the only thing remaining with the chassis is to remove the rear springs, but that's proving to be "a job that grows hair" as my dad explains it. It seems Tinworm had the same problem a couple years ago (see link below) and, if all else fails, I guess I'll be looking for a 12 tonne press. Is that a long tonne or a short one? I guess it doesn't matter too much. I need something that sqeezes really good. In any event, in "leafing" through the Tinworm site a stumbled accross a photo of Roly which, because I had never seen a photo of him before, seemed nothing like I had imagined.

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