Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Deserve a "Brake" Today

In a post in January I kinda alluded to this information, but alas, I think it's time to talk about it. Readers of this blog will remember that I had to buy new wheels because mine were Ford five-bolt patterns etc. and that, to that end, I met a local MG guy named Jack. Well, Jack sold me me 15 inch Morris J Van wheels, except Jack has never seen a Morris J Van. You see, in addition to J Vans and Oxfords, the 15 inch wheels also were used on the MGTD. Because the wire wheels are more desirable amongst those guys, MGTD/J Van/Oxford steel wheels are relatively plentiful (Attention Mike Cotton).

This brings me to the next subject: brake drums. I need those too (see below). I had heard that they were uncommon and costly. Well, guess what? MGTD drums are the same (so are all the parts). The photos above are all MG parts (the first compares J Van and MGTD brake parts). I recently picked up a front set from a guy in New York for $30. It cost more than that to send have them shipped across the continent, but it was still good value.

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Bugly said...

Hi Charlie - that's terrific news! I guess Canada is a lot like Australia with its distances, and no matter where you are, the bargain is always across the other side of the country!

Cheers - Bugly