Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sandblasting Maniac

This weekend I expected to remove the rear springs -- the last thing before Victoria goes out to be sandblasted. Earlier, everyone may recall, I tried to do remove the rear springs with my dad, but the front bushing really frustrated us. It was seized right up. Thus on Wednesday I took the day off work and joined my in trying to drill the bolt out. We got about half way, and I expected that we would finish the job. However, he got ill this weekend and decided not to come out and finish the job. So I decided to continue sandblasting. I sandblasted the front lamps, some of the suspension pieces and other things. I had never used a sandblasting cabinet before and was amazed by the results. When something comes out and you can see the original tool marks or "Made in England" markings, it'll really neat. Then, when you apply some light gray primer, its all smooth and clean. Nice change from what I've been accustomed to. The photo above is of the early lamp mounts. The "things" sticking out the front are wood screws that were 'friction fitted" into the housing by an earlier owner. I'll remove them eventually. The screws are still on the base because they're seized solid. I'll drill them out as soon as I get access to a drill press.

I spoke with Roly for about an hour this morning. We talked about his effort to sell ROD, plus the MOT process (which I never really understood and, now that I understand it, I think it needs to be scrapped). We also talked about collaboration and how, nowadays, club "newsletters" are passé. The interval between new information is too long. That's why the internet is so good, I said. To that end, can anyone explain/illustrate how the internal frame or stanchion descends and is anchored to the sill or rocker panel? Mine are both rusted out and it's not apparent if they were ever secured.

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