Monday, June 8, 2009

Metal Cleaning Maniac

Okay, it may seem like I am losing interest in the blog, but that's not the case. In addition to some family responsibilities, I continue to work on the leaf springs and that's not something that's not so newsworthy. This weekend I took them to U-BLAST again and used their professional metal cleaning equipment. My dad helped (see photo above). Next weekend I hope to paint them and then take them to a local shop to have them clipped back together etc. I also made contact with a couple firms that can do the extensive metalwork I require. Iain emailed me to tell me that my parts were ready to be shipped. I'm dreading the shipping costs. Harry asked me for more money to store Victoria at his barn. Alas, I explained that the reason I stored it 100 KM from my house was because I didn't want to pay more. I don't think it's going to be an issue owing to the fact that, hopefully soon, my J Van will be off being fixed and I won't need the space. Of course, last Friday I sat at work, drinking coffee and clicking refresh on eBay watching bidding on ROD close. On the whole, I think Roly did pretty well. Recall that last July a J Van Milkfloat went on eBay and ended around 4100. That it did so well in the current economy owes much, I think, to the fact that Roly was the owner. Tonight I'm looking at tires. I have 15 inch wheels, and I want some beefy tires. I just don't know what size to get.

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