Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthdays at Coast Imports

Okay, I've been preoccupied with family stuff and, besides, I haven't done much except work on my leaf springs. Tomorrow I intend to sand them down. Sand? Yes. In a few places I actually used some polyester resin to fill in some of the rust pock marks. The idea was to create a smoother surface that wouldn't "pool" water a promote future corrosion. Then on Saturday I'll apply the first coat of acrylic enamel semi-gloss. Once they're all dry, I'll bundle them up and take them to a local shop to have the slips redone. With that I will have done the springs.

Last Friday I went to a local wrecking yard on the invitation of Jack. Yeah, that's him in the photo above. Remember he sold me the original wheels? It seems that one of the owners of the business and his brother (Dick and Don -- I forget who owns the yard) were celebrating their 75 birthdays. Yeah, 75 year old twins. In any event, there were balloons, hamburgers and beers. Jack is retired but periodically works there for the fun of it. I also got to wonder around and look for J Vans things. Alas, I found none. But I did find a cool complete original manual for the J4. Did I mention I peeled out of work a little early too to be there?

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