Sunday, July 5, 2009

Victoria "Speaks"

Okay, this weekend I got the rear differential and the front axle ready to be media blasted. I'll paint both next week. I'm not going to disassemble the differential. I just taped the seams where I don't want sand to enter. On the whole it seems to be in very good shape and it'll look great once I clean it and repaint it. With that done, I'll have all the springs-down redone. I think I'll straighten out the tie bar though (see photo above). Tonight my dad came over. He had taken the horn away and had attempted to disassemble it and get it working again. I wished him well, but given that it was directly exposed to West Coast weather for the past 30 years, I wasn't hopeful. Well, in the end, all he had to do was sand a few contact points, hook it up to a car battery and, voila, it worked! On the whole, it made my kinda giggle. It was like "Victoria" had suddenly awakened from a lost slumber and asked for a glass of water.

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Bugly said...

Hi Charlie -

I have always measured big jobs by a succession of little successes. I can fully appreciate how the sound of Victoria 'speaking' to you became a quantum leap forward!

It will be the same when you get the headlights working and try them at night for the first time!

Cheers - Bugly