Sunday, July 12, 2009

More Metal Cleaning

This month is the 8th since I placed my initial parts order from you know who ("YKW"). I received 4 pieces in the mail some time ago; this was a test package the successful receipt of which was meant to trigger the remainder, but thus I haven't heard anything. On the whole it's kinda frustrating.

This week I brought another prospective metal and paint guy out to see if Victoria was a project that interested him. Marc joined us and we used the trip out there to put the sandblasting cabinet in Marc's pickup and take it back to his house. I'm gradually clearing out of Harry's barn. I've told him that I'll store Victoria outside next winter, under this roof where the cow's used to feed.

This weekend I cleaned the rear differential and the two rear back plates, the front axle, the tie rod and drag link and then I painted the whole lot with enamel primer. When I get the springs put back together, I'll shoot everything black and I'll have a major chunk done. The number of the rear differential is 4330. There also another number that begins with "N" -- N2660 or something.

My rear differential seems to leak a little, but maybe that's because I had it tilted upside-down in 32 degree weather and direct sunlight. I suppose I'll find out soon enough. To escape the heat I built a little shelter (see photo above). I don't get sun burnt, but it is still too warm on the south side of the barn. Consequently I try and find excuses to go inside where it's comparatively cool.

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