Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Parts Bonanza

Here's the synopisis of the parts on order:

J06 Front valence with correctly curved and tapered bottom edge as original.
J07 Front valence top panel. (The flt piece that the horn bolts to).
J08 Curved body side lower repair panel. o/s from door to rear wheel arch.
J09a Curved body side repair panel. n/s including petrol filler hole.
J10 Body side stiffeners. Lower repair sections, 6 per van.
J11 Step tread plate. Steel with box section stiffeners underneath
J12 Guttering section for front doors.
J13 Roof edge repair for over front door.
J14 Rear body crossmember.
J14a Rear crossmember end brackets.
J15 Sill section, including outer step section.
J16 Door shut section. (Curved box section over the back of the front wing)
J17 Rear inner wings o/s or n/s
J18 Rear corner repair section
J21 Wing mounting flange for J20.
J22 Wing mounting flange for J20.
J29 Step well panel rear of step
J30 Step well panel floor to sill
J35 Battery box

Oh, and add to this the radioator support.


Bugly said...

Wow, some list! But the replacement of the panels MUST be easier and quicker than trying to repair the originals!

Keep up the great work ...


Mr Magpie said...

Hi Charlie, are you saying that at long last the parts have arrived or is this the list of the parts that you are waiting for. I must get round to posting/shipping the parts I have gathered for you. I may well do a courier service, it will cost a bit but they will take the weight better than our postal package system.