Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Moving Day for Victoria

Well I haven't been busy posting, but that's because I haven't had much to do. Well, that's not entirely accurate. Harry -- the guys whose barn "Victoria" has been in for the past 10 months has been somewhat erratic in the last six months and he's asked me to pay more, leave or accept less space etc. It changes daily. I haven't changed anything though because I really simply needed to finish dismantling the van and moving the parts etc. into alternative storage. I've done that and, alas, today was Victoria's big moving day. I wanted to move Victoria out of Harry's barn because :1) it's too far away, 2) there's no security, 3) it's an old wooden building, 4) the floor is littered with oil and Class A combustibles and 5) Harry and his race car friends like to get liquored up and weld in the barn. I have literally lost years off my life because of the worrying I've done. I expected the whole thing to have gone up in smoke some time ago. Thus this morning as I headed out to meet the tow truck driver, I heard the following story announced on the radio news:

The third fire in four days in Abbotsford's Bradner and McClure area featured many explosions of racing car fuel.

The story went on to explain that neighbors had managed to "save" a trailer from outside the barn. My heart sank. I wasn't sure where the Bradner and McClure was, but Abbotsford is a pretty small place. Well, no harm done (to me at least) and today she was safely moved.

Additionally, I continue to receive a J Van on the installment program from Roly. I have placed order for parts from Moss Motors, fasteners from and a couple small items from Paul Beck. I have a pair of rear drums in the mail from Oregon.

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