Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Rubbers & Other

Here's the replacement rubbers I bought recently for the door to stop against. Really hard little bastards to find. Alas, I found them -- the last two -- at the local distributor for Great Dane trucking. I've actually done a lot of shopping lately. I bought a lot of fasteners, plus some brake parts. The binnacle has gone for repairs before it will be powder coated along with the steering column. Since I took the binnacle to the shop, I also ordered a new set of shock mounts -- well three anyway. One original is in good shape and will be reused. The brake shoes are being cleaned at a local shop. There's plenty of lining still available.


Mr Magpie said...

Hi charlie, Did you take the fuse box assembly apart? If you did what was stuck beneath it? magpie

Charlie said...

What's that?