Sunday, March 7, 2010

Motor Mounts & Silentbloc Bushes

Since I'm using a Nissan A-Series motor, I needed to find a means of supporting the engine in the van. I didn't like the Nissan motor mounts (which are angled at about 40 degrees) because they make it difficult to move the engine position up or down as required to accomodate the engine cowl plus other needs. In the photo above, the green piece of paper will be a 1/4" metal plate. It will be bolted to the frame, and if required, a distance piece can go underneath it. The type of mounts I selcted here are called biscuit mounts and are apparently popular amongst hot-rodders. Very good design, I think. Also in this photo are replacement Silentbloc type bushes for the rear springs. All the dimenions are the same, except the inner steel tube's thickness is a about a 16th instead of an 8th. I had them sourced in India.

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