Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brake Pedal Assembly

Last week I took my bent brake pedal to Canada Spring to have it straightened (it was bent unnaturally). I also had my silent block bushing pressed in. Earlier I said some things about my prior customer experience there that I now regret. I was under some stress. They did a good job all around.

This weekend I designed a brake pedal mount since, I'm guessing, LHD ones aren't too plentiful and I don't have one that's usable. I am going to have the black thing (in the photo) above cast in steel. Then I'm going to have the shaft (5/8") turned with an opening at the end that will allow me to grease the bushing. This idea took me yesterday to a nearby machine shop where I met John. Well, turns out that John is a car guy too, and today, I introduced him to Ruth who owns the british parts shop near my house (and which is hard to find).

I'm turning to the seat soon and the steering wheel. I am going to use the Ford truck 48-52 styeering wheel because it is very close to the orginal. It's splined and the J van one is identical to an MGTD steering wheel. So, when I get it, I'll have to have it reamed out and a new hub installed. Luckily, I now know a machinist. For the seat, I want to use one like Kim's van. I know that my van had the other pattern seat, but Kim's seat looks awesome.

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