Sunday, April 18, 2010

Parts in Montreal and Other Progress

I can see online that the MSC MEXICO arrived in Montreal earlier today, meaning that my parts are at last in North America. Seven days to cross the Atlantic and now it'll take twice as long to cross the country.

Last weekend I wenter to the nearby ski resort of Whistler, which was a host lcity of the Olympics earlier this year. It was a good thing today with the weather being so good. On the way back we stopped by the side of the road an took a few photos. I uploaded a couple here.

In addition to the hinges, the bolt-type latches used for the rear doors are my favoriate J Van items. I obtained a set from Roly which were very rusty and after sandblasting and filling with epoxy, they turned out pretty good. Looking at them, they just seem so laborious to make and prone to fail, but there's lots of thing like that on the van. For example, why is the gas tank outside the frame and mounted on the same side as the exhaust manifold?

This weekend I made some patterns for some metal work that needs to be done on the front inner wings, completed the brake lines between the front cylinders (which ended up being a pain), I assembled the gas tank. My gas cap seems original (according to the srawing on early vans I see). It's bronze. I have it being professionally buffed up abd will post a picture later.

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