Saturday, April 10, 2010


Thanks to Roly, Kelly and Steve D (who let me have three hinges off Duncan), I almost have a complete set. I'm just missing one -- the one that bolts to the body for the upper left. The hinges are now one of my favoriate oddities about J Vans now -- if these things were made nowadays no way would their be 8 sperate parts for a set of hinges. That's just stupid designing. Next week I'm going to take the bits I have and have them castr -- I'll cast a couple extra ones for Duncan too, and I'll cast an extra upper'left body mount to use on the lower left. I think I'll have to heat it up a tweak and bend it about 2 degrees. With that I have something else done. Next I think I need to do something about the steering wheel seeing that I don't have one.

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JB vanman said...

Perhaps it was a quite week at the design dept.

The hinges are lovely, and surprisingly everyone comments on them.

You are doing a fine job.