Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breakfast & Brakes

Well, it's coming up on early morning in Liverpool and my brakes are complete. I'm going downstair shortly to have a snack before going to bed -- call it a brakefest.

Above is a photo of my brakes, which I completed today. All the cylinders are new; the rest is original -- springs etc. I cleaned them and then painted them with flat black enamal. I'm going to attach them to the differential and front axle when the weather improves. Both items are on my patio right now.

My earlier post converning the shipment of my parts was incorrect. More thruthfully, it was at the time but a last minute snafu screwed everything up. The parts are now to be loaded on the MSC MEXICO today in Liverpool (see photo above, which I just snagged) and will arrive in Montreal some time later in the month. Here's the link, you can follow the vessel's journey yourself online:


Bugly said...

The brakes are looking great, mate! Hard to pick that they're not off Mr Morris's shelf of new parts!

Great that you can track the parts ex Liverpool ... you'll have the computer on permanently now!

Cheers - Bugly

JB vanman said...

I went down to the beach and watched my ship sail up Port Philip Bay when I shipped my JB over from New Zealand to Melbourne. I had been watching the ship tracking online - it is amazing really.

I was sure I could see Captain and Crew driving the van up and down the deck...laughing.